The family


This family has noble roots; titles include "Conde de la Puebla de Portugal," "Conde de Trigona," "Señor de Sequera" and belongs to the ducal house of Veragua. (The first Duke of Veragua was Christopher Columbus' son, Diego)

The family has strong military roots; there have been three field marshals, seven generals, three colonels and several captains. Some were fleet commanders & explorers during the exploration by Spain and Portugal of the East Indies; Diego López de Sequeira discovered Malacca for Portugal and sat as the representative of the King of Portugal at the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas (this treaty between Spain & Portugal established the demarcation line dividing the world between those two countries).

Most recently family members have held the posts of governors of the provinces of Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastián. There has been one Patriarch of Constantinople (Felipe Colón de Portugal). Of course, the most famous of our ancestors was Cristóbal Colón, better known in English as Christopher Columbus. The line of de Sequera became connected to the de Portugal and Colón lines when Julián de Sequera married María Atocha Colón de Portugal y Ortega. She was the fifth great grand-daughter of Columbus. Her line included Columbus, the discoverer of the New World, as well as the Portuguese royal family. Among others, she was related to the Hapsburgs, Boubons, Plantagenets, the dukes of Lancaster, Aragón etc. Her great grandfather, Don Nuño Colón de Portugal was the fourth Duke of Veragua, Admiral of the Ocean Seas, Duke de la Vega de la Isla de Santo Domingo, Marquis of Jamaica, etc.

All these titles originated from Colón (Columbus) or his son Diego and through the marriages of their descendants to other Spanish grandees.