First Generation
1. Cristóbal Colón. Born abt 1451 in Savonna, Italy or Spain. Cristóbal died in Valladolid, Spain, on 20 May 1506; he was 55. Some event in 1492 in 2.Discovered the New World. Some event in Marqués de Jamaica. Some event in 1476 in Moved to Lisboa. Some event abt 1484 in Moved to Spain with Diego. Some event in 1486 in Received by Isabel la Católica and Fernando at Alcalá de Henares. Some event in 1492 in 1.Signed Capitulaciones de Santa Fe. Some event in 1492 in 3.Almirante Mayor de las Indias. Some event in 1492 in 4.Almirante de la Mar Océana. Some event in 1492 in 5.Virrey y gobernador de las Indias (todo que descubra o gane). Alias/AKA: Christopher Columbus.
Cristóbal first married Felipa Muñiz de Perestrello, daughter of Bartolomeo Perestrello & Isabel Muñiz de Melo. Born in Lisbon, Portugal.
They had one child:
Cristóbal second married Beatriz Enriquez de Araná.
They had one child: