Twelfth Generation (Continued)
Family of Joaquín de Sequera Santarromana (61) & Teresita Gómez
96. José Enrique de Sequera. Born on 6 Oct 1954 in Manila, Philippines. Some event in Business Printers of San Diego: Owner. Occupation: Owner, Business Printers of San Diego. Education: University of British Columbia, Urban Land Economics. Religion: Catholic.
On 24 Aug 1982 when José Enrique was 27, he married Diane Julia Gillis, daughter of John Malcolm Gillis & Stella Wintemute, in Vancouver, Canada. Born on 6 Aug 1957 in Vancouver, Canada.
They had one child:
97. Jaime Miguel de Sequera. Born on 1 Nov 1957 in Manila, Philippines.
On 21 Aug 1986 when Jaime Miguel was 28, he married Maria Milagros Camajort in Manila, Philippines. Born on 25 Jan 1962 in Manila, Philippines.
They had one child:
98. Ana Inés de Sequera Gómez. Born on 18 Nov 1958 in Manila, Philippines.
On 1 Jul 1983 when Ana Inés was 24, she married Iñaki Ugarte in Manila, Philippines. Born on 5 Dec 1942 in Manila, Philippines. Iñaki died in Manila, Philippines, in Jul 2008; he was 65.
They had the following children:
99. María Teresa de Sequera. Born on 7 Aug 1961 in Manila, Philippines. Alias/AKA: Tereng.
María Teresa first married Bradley Dale Ostrom. Born on 7 Apr 1959 in Winnipeg, Canada. They were divorced.
On 26 Sep 1997 when María Teresa was 36, she second married Bruce Michael Goldstein in Beverly Hills, California. Born in 1947 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. They were divorced in Aug 2002 in Minneapolis, MN.
On 7 Sep 2008 when María Teresa was 47, she third married Bruce Colley in North Salem, New York.
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